Stuttering Awareness Day

Stuttering can pose real problems in both the personal and professional lives of those suffering from it and take years to get under control, not to mention the amount of embarrassment and frustration it can cause in the meantime.

Conflict Resolution Day

Conflict Resolution Day is a global event, intended to promote the concept of peaceful conflict resolution. Created in 2005 by the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR), it is now an annual celebration.

Handwashing Day

at how many people don’t wash their hands daily. Thus, comes in Global Handwashing Day, a day where good hygiene is encouraged and practiced all around the world by millions of people. So let’s get started learning about the importance of this hygienic day!

Sight Day

Sight Day is a special annual day of awareness that is celebrated around the world each year in order to focus on blindness and vision impairment. This day was created by the World Health Organization in collaboration with the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness and awareness is spread through a large number of different events.

Emergency Nurses Day

Promoted and sponsored by the Emergency Nurses Association and having originated in Australia back in 1989, Emergency Nurses Day is now an international celebration, intended to honor the hard work and dedication of emergency nurses all around the world. Why do emergency nurses warrant special appreciation? Well, quite simply, because they make a huge difference to sick, injured, and even dying people every single day, offering vital assistance and support.

World Mental Health Day

Making everyone in the world more aware of the issues that are faced by people struggling with mental health is a great way to offer the beginning of a solution to the problem. The more people know, the more they can do to aid with the prevention or seek out help.

Scrub Day

Aaah scrubs…one of the most comfortable clothing items ever worn by mankind. Scrubs are well known, but highly underrated. In the ancient year of 2014, one small town girl decided to do something about this dilemma. She created “Scrubs Day” on October 9th to spread the love and educate others on the benefits of scrubs.

Podiatry Day

Our feet are more important than many of us think. Not only do they help to keep us upright and to move around, but the health of our feet can even indicate how healthy we are in other parts of our body. Foot health is a big issue that everyone should be aware of. International Podiatry Day is about making sure that everyone knows just how essential it is to look after our feet.