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We combined the most frequently asked questions from our clients and prospective clients. Contact us to learn more or if we can answer something not covered below.

Why is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is the operation of processing marketing actions through an automated system. This will allow the execution of multiple marketing tasks in an easier, faster and organized fashion.

What is hekadoc?

hekadoc™ is a marketing automation platform that offers many tools and features to help business owners and marketing professionals centralize and automate their tasks in a simple and smart way.

With hekadoc™, you can:

  • Manage all your social media from one place.
  • Engage with your customers by creating and sending winning email campaigns.
  • Design stunning and dynamic landing pages with no coding.
  • Create automations with an intuitive visual builder.
  • Grow and maintain your audience lists seamlessly.
  • Track and analyze all your marketing activities on a customizable dashboard.  

What are the benefits of using a marketing automation platform?

Marketing automation platforms like hekadoc™ allow businesses to manage their marketing campaigns and activities effectively by:

  1. Saving Time: hekadoc™ allows you to perform multiple actions in an efficient way by reducing the time usually consumed in manually handling those tasks.      
  2. Optimizing Resources: hekadoc™ allows you to reduce the cost and efforts you put on human and technology resources.  
  3. Centralization: hekadoc™ allows you to operate and manage all your digital channels and marketing tasks from one place without the need to handle each individually.
  4. Integration: hekadoc™ allows you to integrate with other applications and platforms seamlessly without the need for any manual handling.
  5. Lead Profiling: hekadoc™ allows you to create detailed profiles and scoring for each of your leads based on their behavior such as email engagement, links clicked, goals reached, automation triggered and more.
  6. Personalization: hekadoc™ allows you to tailor your marketing campaigns and content to individual users’ characteristics, preferences and behavior. Personalization increases engagement, conversion and retention.
  7. Lead Nurturing: hekadoc allows you to manage and nurture your leads as they move through your funnels – from the moment they step-in to the time they convert.
  8. In-depth Analysis: hekadoc™ allows you to track and measure the performance of all your assets, campaigns and content to the highest level of granularity.

Is it easy to migrate data to hekadoc from other platform?

Migrating your data from other automation platforms or database sources is seamless with hekadoc™. We integrate with hundreds of third party apps using native connectors and synchronization tools with Salesforce, Hubspot, Zapier, Shopify, WordPress, Zoho CRM and more. Some companies have very specific data transfer requirements that may need our technical team to develop a customized integration solution at a very reasonable fee.

Is it difficult for a beginner or newbie to work with a marketing automation platform?

Of course not!

Despite its robust capabilities, hekadoc is designed to be the easiest marketing automation platform anyone can use. hekadoc™ is intuitive and super simple to setup and operate. Even if you have no experience in marketing automation or similar platforms before.

Additionally, and throughout the process, our success managers and support team are there to help you on Live Chat. hekadoc also has a dedicated Knowledge Base that includes tons of resources, video tutorials and support documents available for you to check and learn on your own.  

How many languages does the platform support?

English, Spanish and Arabic. We’ll be adding new languages in the future.

Do you have special rates for enterprises?

YES. Talk to one of our success partners to learn more about our Enterprise rates.

Do you integrate with other CRM's or platforms?

YES. hekadoc™ integrates with thousands of third party apps using native connectors and synchronization tools including Salesforce, Hubspot, Zapier, Shopify, WordPress, Zoho CRM and more.

Can you run online marketing campaigns for us?

We help companies generate real results today and build a strategy that will endure well into the future. hekadoc™ advanced marketing-tech experts provide your company with deep experience. Contact us to discuss your needs!

How does your pricing work?

We offer you the ability to choose the features that you need and change them as you grow. We also have ready-built plans that fit any budget.

Our plan is to give you a platform that is adaptive to your growth and budget. You can also choose between monthly and yearly billing.

To find out more about our plans and pricing, click here.

Can I cancel anytime?

YES. You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time. You will not be billed beyond that month. However, if your fee is based on an annual billing subscription, then you need to change your billing settings with one of our success partners.

How many hours of support do I get?

We consider that support is key to your success. That’s why we don’t limit our technical support with a defined number of hours. As long as it’s reasonable and productive, we will keep on extending our technical help until you are fully capable of doing what you intended to do. Contact a Success Partner for training and one-on-one support at a very reasonable cost if you wish to reduce your learning efforts to the minimum and empower your in-house marketing team to capitalize on hekadoc's features.

Why is there a set-up fee?

We set you up for success! 

We don't charge onboarding fees. Although we do ask you to consider the time it costs us to pay our team to walk you through the onboarding process and integrate all the magical buttons, bells, whistles, everything up and running for you to begin your new journey. We don't trap you in annual contracts, but surely appreciate the recurring hekadoc™ membership.

We also have to send a payload to our unicorn mascot 🦄 living on the ISS.


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