HIPAA Compliant Checklist

Is Your Organization HIPAA Compliant?

HIPAA shouldn’t be hard, confusing, or expensive. There’s a simple way to achieve HIPAA compliance, software with live coaching. Let us simplify and automate your HIPAA compliance.

  • Do you have a valid SSL certificate?
  • Is the website hosted with a HIPAA compliant hosting company?
  • Have you encrypted data at rest and in transit?
  • Are you using HIPAA-compliant web forms?
  • Have you set access controls?
    Are you recording and monitoring logs?
  • Are you maintaining an audit trail?
  • Have you got signed business associate agreements for all vendors?
  • Are you backing up all PHI?
  • Have you developed policies and procedures for restoring and deleting data?
  • Have you obtained consent from patients before publishing testimonials on your website?
  • Does your website include a notice of privacy practices?
  • Does your website include your HIPAA policy?
You Can Never Be Too Safe

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Seal Of Compliance Verification

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Compliance Coach Support

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Everything You Need For HIPAA

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Compliance Hosting

Our compliance hosting solutions are a perfect fit for financial services and healthcare organizations that require the most robust security levels for their data. Certified and audited by third party independent auditors, Our Compliance Hosting Partner Solutions fulfill HIPAA, HITECH, PCI, GDPR, or SOC requirements. We guarantee first-rate physical and environmental controls, technical safeguards and continuous oversight.

Encrypted Backup
Log Management System
Vulnerability Scans
Business Associate Agreement
Encrypted VPN
Anti-Malware Protection
File Integrity Monitoring
Highly Available Bandwidth
Encrypted Storage
Fully Managed Firewall
Linux & Windows Servers
Intrusion Prevention Service
Data Center Certifications

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