hekadoc™ continuously strives to deliver solutions & services that are accessible, and effective. We partnered with ARES™ Home Sleep Test to support efficient workflows and comprehensive, integrated, and customizable sleep diagnostic programs. hekadoc™ aims to help dentists & physicians start looking for signs of comorbidity in patients most at risk for having undiagnosed OSA . Start screening with our validated screener and test your patients with the
ARES™ — a reliable, accurate, and efficient at-home sleep test device.

Healthcare Providers. We enable physician/dental practices, clinics, and other healthcare providers with the ability to deliver easy, clinically effective home sleep diagnostic solutions to their patient base.

Patient Direct. We deliver direct to patient home sleep diagnostics through a licensed and accredited independent diagnostic testing facility—fast, efficient, and patient-focused.

Enterprise We deliver sleep health solutions to employers, institutions, and related benefit managers, which enable them to identify at-risk groups, develop care strategies, and advance population health.


Evaluate Your Results All in One Place

At hekadoc™, we want to give you peace of mind. This means full disclosure. Not only on the results of your sleep test, but also with all other important information regarding your treatment. Our patient portal makes it easier to streamline workflow between healthcare professionals, their patients, and our sleep experts. All parties can be connected to the necessary points of data associated with the patient’s sleep testing within a secure environment. The user interface and cloud computing makes it easy for patients to use and understand their test results.

Home Sleep Diagnostics

Unmatched Accuracy and Service

Our technology platform combined with ARES™ clinical service focus, ensure a higher success rate and accuracy than other similar solutions.

Lowest documented failure rate keeps costs low
Clinical correlation to in-lab PSG test
Tests subject to clinical review by trained sleep technicians and oversight by licensed physician

Better Health Starts with Better Sleep

See your Sleep Risk Number! Let’s find out about the physical characteristics that affect your health.

A Superior Sleep Testing Solution

The proprietary ARES Home Sleep Test Solution includes an FDA cleared medical device and user-friendly virtual platform effectively removing all inherent obstacles in diagnosing and treating sleep. The ARES system is FDA approved, AHI compliant, and is covered by most major insurance companies. ARES will gather the most comprehensive profile of the patient’s breathing and sleep for a more accurate diagnosis.

Preferred HST Device

Why ARES™?


The next-generation design gives unmatched comfort for your patients.


We have the highest degree of accuracy and the lowest documented failure rate in the market.

Flexible Options

Our services can be delivered through various options that best fit your practice and patient population needs.


Features + Benefits

Audio + Video Indicators

The ARES provides clear audio and visual indicators for reliability, also making it simple for patients to know when the ARES device needs adjustments. 

Sophisticated Sensors

The most responsive data collectors in a single, small device.

Up to 3 Nights Testing

Up to 3 nights of single patient testing capabilities; consecutive night data capacity compared to single night testing.

Multiple Data Channels

Collects nine channels of data for a comprehensive, in-depth clinical sleep analysis.

Easy Airflow Measurements

ARES™ is comfortable to wear for a more natural sleep.

Calibrated Acoustic Microphone

Audio recording of snoring levels.

Measures Head Position

Multi-axis accelerometers allow for a positional analysis.

No Finger Probes

A more natural sleep experience.

Audible Tone

Audio instruction during testing to minimize failure rate.

More Data

With more data gathered, doctors are able to diagnosis patients sooner.


Signals + Measurements


  • Oxygen saturation
  • Average SpO2 during sleep Percent time SpO2 < 85% and 90% Average SpO2 desat across all respiratory events


  • Pulse rate
  • Mean, minimum & maximum pulse rate Pulse rate arousal index


Sleep/wake and REM/non-REM Sleep latency and sleep efficiency % time REM

Arousal Indicators

  • Movement - actigraphy
  • Respiratory – snoring & airflow
  • Sympathetic – pulse rate Respiratory Movement

Respiratory Movement

  • Airflow
  • Apnea and hypopneas
  • Quantitative snoring % time snoring > 30 dB, 40 dB and 50 dB
  • Respiratory Events
  • AHI based on Medicare criteria RDI – equivalent to Chicago criteria AHI and RDI by position

Sleep Position

Supine, lateral left or right, upright or prone % sleep time supine or non-supineOSA severity by position

Better Health Starts with Better Sleep

See your Sleep Risk Number! Let’s find out about the physical characteristics that affect your health.